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Drupal Doesn't Suck - Countering Slashdot's Amateur Web Developer Rabble

Drupal iconSigh.  Today's Drupal-related post on Slashdot, like the previous 50 Drupal-related posts on Slashdot, will generate a ton of comments, most of which will be variations on "Drupal sucks."

I'm tired of the same old conversation that happens every time this topic comes up; by reading this blog post you can save yourself the trouble of ever reading another Drupal story on Slashdot.

Drupal recipe: dynamic menu link to "most recent" node, plus Disqus

I'm working on a Drupal website implementation for a fellow consultant's portfolio site, including a blog.  As an IA tactic, we want the primary menu item "Blog" to link to the most recent blog entry.

I spent some time researching dynamic paths in Drupal and initially couldn't find anything suitable.  For SEO reasons, I would prefer to be able to click the link in the menu item and automagically go to the proper pathauto'ed blog entry as opposed to having an extra alias applied to the post.  I really didn't want to get into custom code with hook_menu or anything similar if I could avoid it because I don't have any experience with hook_menu stuff and as this is a budget-sensitive client, I don't have the time didn't think I had the time to research doing that correctly.  :-)

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