Nonprofit QR Code Article Roundup

QRCode exampleHave you seen these square bar codes popping up everywhere - billboards, magazine ads, conference programs, even tombstones?  Since half the US population will be using smart phones by the end of this year, expect to see a lot more! 

The NTEN Discuss mailing list (which is awesome) recently had a great discussion about QR Codes.  There are lots of nonprofit organizations using these codes in interesting ways to connect viewers with various outreach channels and activities.  Since I've been working on some QR Code-related projects, I've collected some of the links below for any interested NPOs:

Michelle Murrain's brief on open source NPO CRM

My friend and colleague Michelle Murrain wrote a great overview of the open source nonprofit CRM space as well as the benefits and drawbacks of open source vs. proprietary and desktop vs. SaaS approaches.  As a CiviCRM dev, I pretty much agree with everything she had to say, especially the love-hate relationship.  In the past five years, though, as the software has improved so quickly, I've gone much more toward the "love" side.  :-)

Nonprofits: Think Before You Build A Mobile App!

With a few exceptions, I always dislike hearing that nonprofit organizations are considering building a mobile app.  My main gripe has always been compatibility: why on earth would you make an iPhone-specific app (or an Android-specific app) and exclude every other mobile user not on that platform?  Now that the iPhone is no longer dominating the app-friendly smartphone market, there are plenty of folks working on - and obviously paying for - versions of apps for both platforms.

ZeroDivide's "Technology Related Grantmaking" Report

cover of ZeroDivide report

ZeroDivide recently released a new report about tech-related grantmaking by foundations: "Survey of Technology-Related Grantmaking: 'Amplifying Social Impact in a Connected Age'" (PDF).

As someone who would love nothing more than to see boatloads of money poured into well-planned, well-managed, and well-executed nonprofit and community programs with strong technology/online components, I was eager to read this report and see what folks were saying about its findings.

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