I help communities throughout the United States – nonprofits, governments, and institutions – plan and build awesome web sites and applications that meet their strategic needs. Over the past ten years, I've helped dozens of organizations harness technology to more effectively fulfill their missions. My public service experience includes stints in both Americorps VISTA and Code for America. I'm also deeply committed to the values of open source, open standards, open data, and open government.

My work includes strategic technology planning, website and database development using Drupal and CiviCRM, online community building, community technology issues, and online mapping. I work both remotely and on-site with clients across the country.

Save the Data!

picture of US flagAs someone who believes strongly in "Open Standards, Open Data, Open Source" philosophies, I was incredibly frustrated to hear that budget cuts are likely to cause the shutdown of a group of US federal government websites related to transparency, financial oversight/accountability, and public data sharing.  The Sunlight Foundation's Daniel Schuman has written a great initial blog post about this, which was later followed up by a very thorough analysis from Alex Howard on GovFresh. 

I am and have been a huge supporter of Data.gov, the primary public portal for accessing freely available, cataloged US government data.  At the time of this writing, data.gov hosts almost 380,000 cataloged datasets supplied by over 170 US government agencies and departments.  Over 1,000 web-based applications for analysis and visualization are available on the site, a full quarter of which have been developed and contributed by citizens in the data.gov user community.  Specialized sub-portals on the site connect community members with shared interests, such as K-12 educators, public health professionals, and application developers.  Topical resource collections provide data and information about timely issues - today's highlighted links include the RadNet radiation incident monitoring system and a feed of earthquakes recorded by the US Geological Survey in the past week.  All of this is scheduled to be shut down this summer unless funding is restored!

Flourish Conference is Flourishing!

sign at flourish conferenceI'm writing this article from the exhibit hall of the Flourish Open Source Conference - now in its fifth year!

First Post! ;-)

drupal icon aka drupliconAfter many delays, Drupal 7 was released to great fanfare recently... and after returning from DrupalCon Chicago I've *finally* had time to build a site (this one) with the official release! Overall, it's been fantastic - installation, adding contrib modules, configuring the site - everything has been fast and easy.


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